Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Write a Resume When “You Just Want a Job… Any Job”

I know you say, “I just need a job, any job.” But let’s face it, you don’t want ANY job. There are jobs you aren’t qualified for (astronaut, brain surgeon, maybe a few others); and there are jobs that you simply aren’t willing to do (a job that requires you to lift really heavy things or gets you dirtier than what you want your mother-in-law to see). What you really mean is that you’re willing and able to take a job as long as it’s not one of the ones on your no-fly list.

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Anonymous said...

If you hate supervising, why would you apply for a job as a supervisor?

Susan Ireland said...

Let's say you have been in marketing for 12 years. In your last position you were lead on a few marketing projects, which entailed supervising other marketing folks on your team. From that experience, you discovered you hate supervising but still love marketing.

Now that you're looking for a new job in marketing, be sure not to mention anything about having supervised others in your previous job. Why? So the employer or recruiter won't think, "Oh, here's someone with lots of marketing and supervision experience. Let's consider him for a marketing management position." This could happen, even if you don't apply for the marketing management position, just because you listed supervision on your resume.