Monday, November 08, 2010

Do You Use Facebook for Your Job Search?

Facebook has become more than just a place to chat with friends and family. It's being used as a job search tool for many folks who are looking for work. Are you a Facebook job seeker?

Please tell us how you use Facebook for your job search. We want to hear the pros and cons; tips and warnings.


JM said...

I do not use Facebook, though it has been suggested I do. Several of my friends do know I am looking for work, and have sent me tips and leads; but I am hesitant to ask those friends who do not know me so well, out of concern that I be seen as taking advantage of them. That said, my Facebook profile is one that would not prevent me from getting a job - it looks like the profile of a well-educated person with many interests, and there's nothing inappropriate on it.

Susan Ireland said...

JM, good to hear your Facebook profile is job-search-ready.

There are some Facebook pages that offer job search advice. I'll do a post on that in bit. For now, here are links to 3 that I like (including my own):

Susan Ireland's Resume Site
The Riley Guide!/pages/The-Riley-Guide/176479383532

itsxenia said...

If it's ok to post a link here, I have been using a Facebook Fan Page to share job hunting tips and collaborate with other job hunters. It's a way to keep your professional efforts separated from your personal profile. Facebook now has several applications that help you find connections who work at particularl firms

Cal said...

I don't use it and I never have. I do know people who have found work on a building site or something by broadcasting that they need work.

I do think that this will change massively in the next year or two. Companies are just about realising the power of social media.

If you have a company employing 3 to 5 new people a month, and the occasional temp through an agency, to do this through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc will save them an absolute fortune. It's also much quicker and efficient for people involved in the job search.