Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Get a Job When You Need to Relocate

An employer may not consider you for a job opening if she knows you need to relocate in order to work for her, even if your relocation is due to a completely legitimate reason. For example, you might be a new college graduate, recent military veteran, a newlywed, or someone who just plain wants to live in a different city.

So how do you get the employer to look past the relocation roadblock? Patra Frame says, "Make yourself look like a local."

In this video, Patra explains how to increase your chances of getting a job in a different city.

Look like a local.
- Get a pay-per-use cell phone with a local area code.
- On your resume, list your name, email, and cell phone but do not include your mailing address.

Know what a local knows.
- Make local connections within your profession.
- Read local newspapers and trade publications.
- Visit the area for one or two weeks to meet people and get familiar with your new city.

Put the employer's mind at ease.
- At the end of your cover letter, say something like "no relocation is necessary," or "moving to the such-and-such area on such-and-such date." This let's the employer know you're not expecting her to pay your relocation expenses.


Rick said...

Hi Susan, I found your page while jobseeking. I would like to contact you and possibly send my resume with intentions of receiving some feedback. I'm looking into a new type of work and would be grateful for some expert opinions as to why no-one is contacting me.

Thank you for your time.

Susan Ireland said...

Hello Rick,
Please consider hiring one of the resume writers on my team to critique your resume (http://susanireland.com/resume/resume-service/).