Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boring Resume? This Spoof on Public Radio Can Fix It!

If your resume is boring, lighten it up with these tips on the art of resume writing. In this spoof on Public Radio, "Hector Ensalada" tells all.. until he just can't stand it anymore.

Click the image to hear the show:

Resume Questions Answered

  • How do you not state a rambling resume job objective that goes on and on without saying anything that's meaningful and just takes up lots of space at the top of your resume?
  • Is it better to use crayons or paint to create a picture of your future on your resume?
  • How many pages does it take to make a 25-year-old look employable?
  • Is gray rag really the best paper to use for your resume?

This Internet radio show is created by Geoffrey Welchman, who does all the writing and voices for his productions at The Inverse Delirium. He was kind enough to interview me for this particular show on resumes and jobs. Thank you, Geoffrey!

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