Monday, March 22, 2010

#1 Job Search Value: 2nd Degree Contacts on LinkedIn

The power of LinkedIn is in the second degree. When scouring LinkedIn for a job opportunity, look for a second-degree contact with hiring power. Then ask your first-degree contact to introduce you! This type of referral implies a recommendation, which can serve you very well.

How to Find a New Job on LinkedIn
This video by InstruxionAE demonstrates the three steps to get connected to your next job:
  1. Determine what type of job you want, what job titles represent that type of work, what types of organizations might have those job openings, and what job titles (managers and recruiters) have hiring power for that job.
  2. Use LinkedIn's Advanced Search function to find hiring managers and recruiters for the type of job you want, paying special attention to anyone who is your second-degree contact. Make note of the first-degree contact who is associated with your second-degree contact.
  3. Ask your first-degree contact to introduce you to the hiring manager or recruiter via email.
For clarity on these steps, watch the video:

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Felcia Arambula said...

Thank you so much for this tip, Susan. I just posted my resume today.