Monday, January 25, 2010

Uncle Sam Wants You! Do You Want a Government Job?

Every year federal, state, county, and city governments hire thousands of people. Is there a government career opportunity waiting for you?

The list of jobs is long and varied, ranging from:
  • Highly specialized management, research, and engineering positions to manual labor
  • Administrative office workers to jobs in beautiful public parks
  • Jobs in national security to social service positions helping poverty-stricken young children.
Some positions fulfill an employee's patriotic aspirations (for example, serving in the military or supporting military veterans). Others address a special need in our society (for example, reducing homelessness or promoting equal employment opportunities).

Whatever the reason, you might like to explore working in government. Most positions offer decent pay and good benefits. If you want a government job, check out Government Jobs for links to job openings and info on how to apply. For state, country, and local government applications, go directly to their websites.

Also note: You don't have to be a government employee to work on a government project. You could get a job with a private company that holds a government contract.

More on how to get a government job:
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Ronnie Ann said...

Thanks for posting this Susan! If I many, here are my 2 1/2 cents on the subject:

Government jobs sometime get a bad rap. It's true that when I worked in government there were employees who took advantage of the situation - and others badly under-utilized. But that was not the majority, at least where I worked. I can't tell people it won't be frustrating, but there are important jobs that need good people. If you go in knowing there will be roadblocks and frustrations, and yet focus on the incremental changes you can make, government work can be an amazing career. And should you eventually decide to move on, the skills you learn (including relationship management and patience) will serve you anywhere!