Monday, December 21, 2009

6 Ways to Optimize Your Email Cover Letter

Email is the new cover letter... at least for most people's job search.

In today's job market, where a job seeker's resume is often sent as an attachment to an email, the email message serves as the cover letter. It plays the critical role of making a first impression and convincing the recruiter or manager to download and open the attached resume. Continue reading...


Brenda Bernstein said...

Hi Susan, I'm curious to hear your opinion on this topic for legal employers. I have been advising candidates to write a simple email something like: "Enclosed please find my cover letter and resume in application for xx position. Thank you for your consideration."

I might change my advice based on your article!

Susan Ireland said...

Even legal employers are incredibly busy and need to be persuaded to download and open an attached resume. The cover email should not be long, but should have enough "juice" that essentially says, "I'm worth the investment of a few minutes to take a look at my resume."

Thanks for your comment!

Alexis said...

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Lori said...

Greetings! I would like to know how one should include a cover letter on websites / online applications which only provide a place to upload a resume. Would you suggest including it with the resume?

Susan Ireland said...

If you're absolutely sure there is not way to post a cover note on the company's website, I recommend the following:
- Don't upload your letter as a second document as it might replace the resume you already uploaded.
- Make your resume very targeted for the job you're applying for, even giving it a slight hint of your personality by the way you phrase your statements. In this case, your well-done resume will need to serve the purpose of both
a resume and letter.
- Network like crazy to see if you can make a connection inside the company -- perhaps someone who can help get your resume noticed.

Good luck with your job search!