Monday, October 05, 2009

Top 24 LinkedIn Groups for Job Search

Here's my list of top 24 LinkedIn groups for job search. Can you add any?

To access posts in these groups, you have to be a LinkedIn member. In the top menu, select Search Groups, enter the name of the group you're interested in, and join the group. You'll have access to the group's content once you've been approved as a member.

Top LinkedIn Groups for Job Search

A Job Needed - A Job Posted Job Search and Careers
Career Change Central
Career Rocketeer / Career Launch Network
CleanTechies Around The World
Consultants Network
Corporate Recruiters. #1 Group for Corporate Recruiters.
E-Recruitment Group (Post Jobs) (Post Resumes)
Executive Suite
Financial Services Career Center
Job Interview Mastery
Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!
Job Search
Linking The LaidOff
Looking for a job?
MBA Highway | MBA & Recruiter Network
Renewables Job Market
ResumeMaker Career Network
Star:Candidate for Hire
The Talent Buzz

Please tell us what groups you value.

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Debbie Benami-Rahm said...

Excellent resources. Will share with my coaching clients.

Kirstin Holmgren said...

Have you looked into or They are 2 job websites and linked-in accounts. Offer free,anonymous profile building to match job searchers and recruiters. 24x7 searches and matches that are delivered via email. May want to review and add to your list..
Thanks for your current information and resources

Susan Ireland said...

Hello Kirstin,
I see that quietagent and unitedwework are associated with a LinkedIn account, but they're not actually LinkedIn groups.

Thank you for telling use about the websites.

Kathy Simmons said...

Thanks to our coaching friends and members who suggested that we add NETSHARE to the list. We also have local groups on LinkedIn for people who attend our meetings in San Francisco, New York, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Orange County, Washington DC,Boston and Detroit