Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Worst Mistake in a Job search

What's the worst mistake you could make in your job search? Launching into it without preparation.

In this video, Patra Frame explains why it's important to do your homework before writing your resume and sending out into the job market. Here are two basic questions to ask yourself:
  • What job do I want?
  • What kind of job environment do I want to work in?
Patra says that doing this basic preparation before the job search will put you ahead of 90% of other job seekers. Wouldn't that be worth the prep time?

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clarkjpalmer said...

Great advice. Thank you for sharing. I've found that a lot of us are afraid to stop and ask ourselves what it is we really want to do and go after it with all of our energy. It's so important to have that discussion with yourself.

Hope to hear more advice on job searches, as I continue mine.

I want to work in a calm environment. I want to do writing or editing work for a publishing company and/or Web site.