Monday, June 29, 2009

Only One College Course on Resume

I have been in bindery work for the last eleven years, and I am applying for a new job in the same line of work. I took one year of Accounting at a college. Should I put this on the resume, or is it better to leave it out?

If you have no college degree, then you should list your accounting class something like this:
Accounting, Name of College, City, State

Notice, there is no date included in this presentation; and there's no mention of a degree. You're simply saying you attended college, and accounting was your area of study.

Putting this on your resume shows that you graduated from high school (without listing your high school diploma), and demonstrates that you're someone who enjoys learning, even if it's not related to your work in the bindery.

If you have a college degree, list the degree on your resume but don't list the accounting class, as it might lead the employer to think that you intend to make a career change into accounting within the next few years. Thinking that, he might prefer to hire someone else for the bindery job.

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