Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Does Your Resume Need Glasses?

A resume that's easy to read is more likely to get read. So give your resume every advantage when it comes to font size and color. That means:

Use at least 11 point font size for the smallest text on your resume. (Use at least 12 point for any font in the Times family.) Continue reading...


Simon said...

Hi Susan,
great advice as always, I agree with not using the header for your contact information, but do you think it's OK to use the header section on pages 2 onwards to show your name, in case the pages get separated?
Or does the no-header rule apply there too?

Susan Ireland said...

You can use the header function on the second page. If someone is reading it on the screen, the two pages won't get separated. When printed to hardcopy, the header on page two will serve its purpose.

Good point. Thank you!