Thursday, May 28, 2009

Working Tradeshow Bars for Job Lead

Here's guerrilla job search idea, sent by a Job Lounger.
I had an interview yesterday afternoon that went well. After the meeting, I rewarded myself with a glass of wine at the bar area of a large hotel.

A couple of businessmen, fresh from their trade show at the convention center across the street, sat down next to me. They were still wearing their name tags so it was easy to strike up a conversation.

Long story short, they were brothers whose dad started their technology company on the east coast (as am I originally)... yada, yada. After getting to know each other and sharing war stories and laughs they asked about my situation. By the end of our time together, they said I would be great working for them!

Then it dawned on me...if you're looking for a job, check out what trade shows are coming to your area and hang out at the hotel bars after the event ends for the day. At that point, the tradespeople are relieved to be off the show floor, they're relaxed, they want to have a little fun, and they're ready to share small talk with a stranger. You can drink water if you don't drink alcohol.

Maybe this could be a "real world" action plan to complement resume distribution and traditional job search networking.

Do you have a creative job search tip? Share it with us!

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