Monday, May 18, 2009

Mulitple Resumes for One Company

I'm a graduating student in civil engineering and I need help with submitting resumes online. At the company where I'm applying, prospective employees have to create a profile and upload a resume to the company website. For this company, I found multiple postings that I want to apply for.

1. Do I need to list a goal/objective in my resume since the positions I'm applying to have different titles/duties.

2. Do I need to upload multiple resumes?

3. I'm not sure if I need to upload a cover letter, only a resume is required.

4. The postings I want to apply to are at offices all over the U.S. Would I need to research HR contacts at those offices and upload multiple cover letters as well?

Because all company recruiting webpages are not the same, the answers to your questions depend on the particular site you're looking at. So let me give you some general guidelines that you can adapt to your current (and future) online applications.

1. It's always best to have a job objective statement or professional title (such as Civil Engineer) at the top of your resume. Once your resume is in the company's database, it can be downloaded and printed out by a number of recruiters and employers. An objective statement will give your resume focus, no matter whose computer screen it's on.

2. If the system allows you to upload multiple resumes, then do so if you have more than one job objective. That way, you can change the job objective statement, and customize the content of your resume, if necessary, for each job post.

3. Always upload or copy-and-paste a cover note when given the chance. It's an opportunity to add a personal touch and include more keywords to your online application. Your note should be short and have a professional, yet friendly tone that invites a telephone or in-person conversation.

4. If you're applying for several positions across the country, you could post one cover note that's addressed "Dear Recruiter." In that way, it will cover all your bases.

Good luck with your online job search!


Tom said...

Hi i am currently looking for a job in retial or hospitality. I have obtian experience in customer service and a qualification in hospitality, however i also held past positions that in no means is related to the job i am applying for such as retail. And i was considering whether i should add the unrelated position to my resume or should i leave them out completely. I would like to here your advice, becuase i am a bit confused on how i should go about it.

Susan Ireland said...

Hello Tom,
Please send me your question as an email ( and I will do my best to answer it. Please include more details such as how much experience you have and what the "unrelated" experience is.
Thank you,