Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did You Tweak Your Career?

I'm working on the fifth edition of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume. The chapter I'm writing at the moment is called Tweaking Your Career. Do you have a story (or know someone who has a one) of how you did one of the following to change or adjust your career? If so, please email me. (All names are kept anonymous in the book.)

Here are the situations I'd like to hear about:

  1. You went from in-house employment to consulting (aka, freelancing, contracting).
  2. You went back to school to get a degree in a new field, and then got a job in that new field.
  3. You got vocational training to get on track with a new line of work (even if it was only a slight change from what you were doing previously).
  4. You took an internship to gain experience in an occupation; after the internship you continued on that career path.
  5. You made a career change by taking a volunteer position, which somehow helped you get started in your new career.
  6. You tweaked your career to take advantage of the global economy.
I'd loved to hear your story. Thank you very much!

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tiffanylove said...

In response to your article... I tweaked my career in a huge way! I quit my $40K a year job and became an entrepreneur (speaker). A web designer charged me for a website and took my money and ran... because of this I (the right-brained creative-type) learned how to build websites that work. Out of necessity and genuine interest, I taught myself HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, SEO, etc. Now I teach other people how to do the same... build web sites, re-train for a new career, embrace technology, work on their soft skills, and develop themselves. I even do freelance web design on the side and make more money from that monthly than my teaching gig and business combined!

Also, thank you for your site! I've found some great things on it which will help students at a local college where I teach. I appreciate you taking the time to share all of these practical solutions and "real talk" with people. I like your style.