Monday, March 16, 2009

Job Trend Analysis by Indeed

The following letter introduces Indeed's new job market analysis tool. I'm posting the letter here (with permission) because I think job seekers might like to use this tool for figuring out what's going on in their industries and what other industries they might like to pursue. Here's the letter:
Dear Susan, launched Industry Trends today: a picture of job posting numbers and job seeker traffic in 12 major industries. For people working in rapidly declining industries, it will help them identify industries in better shape to which they can try to transition.

Our data are an alternative to government payroll statistics, offering a more forward-looking insight into hiring activity. If government data show the job market in the rear-view mirror - jobs that have been created or lost - Indeed's Industry Trends provide a view through the front windscreen: job openings that companies intend to fill.

Hillary O'Keefe
Indeed Marketing Assiciate

Indeed Job Search is a tool I post on my website and here in The Job Lounge. Although I am an Indeed affiliate, I do not generate revenue from users clicking on the Industry Trends tool referred to in the above letter.

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Sean Harry said...

This is an interesting tool. It's not very scientific because we don't know what else was going on -- i.e. this only includes Indeed's postings. However, it gives a good indication of what is happening in these industries. I suggest job seekers plug in the title of the position they are interesting in applying for and take a look at the trend. Thanks for sharing this!

Sean Harry
Career Management Solutions
@careers20 (on twitter)