Thursday, March 19, 2009

Job Search Checklist

It's a full-time job conducting a thorough job search. Here's a checklist of what to do and some of my favorite tools to accomplish each step:
1. Search for job openings.
Online tool: Indeed

2. Network online and in person.
Online tools: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
Offline tools: Your local library, career center, and support group

3. Write your resume.
Online tool: Ready-Made Resumes

4. Distribute your resume.
Online tools: Accolo, Craigslist, and websites that specialize in your profession and industry. Also go to the career page of websites for specific companies where you'd like to work.
Offline tools: Newspaper Help Wanted ads, and through your in-person network.

5. Track your job search process.
Online tool: JibberJobber

6. Prepare for job interviews.
Online tool: Interview Questions and Dress for Success (very fun interactive site)

7. Negotiate your pay.
Online tools: Job Search Intelligence and Salary Negotiation Guide

8. Show up for your first day on the job.
I think you can do this one on your own.

And all along the way, write thank you notes!

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