Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lapse in Employment Due to Tragedy

I left my job in January 2002 due to the murder of my children's father. I worked for an insurance company for 11 years.I went back to college a couple of years ago until they told me my financial aid had run out.

I have applied for quite a few jobs and haven't even gotten an interview. Is the lapse in work history the reason? If so, how should I handle this?

The gap in your work history may very well be the reason you're not getting calls for interviews. Here are some ideas for making that look a little better on your resume.

1. Be sure to have a job objective statement near the top of your resume so the recruiter or hiring manager will know what kind of work you seek.

2. Place your Education section near the top of the resume, just under your Summary of Qualifications. State the starting and ending dates you attended school, using years but no months.

3. In your work history, do something like this:
2006-2008, Student, Such-and-Such College, City, State
- Refer to one or two courses you took that are relevant to your job objective, if possible.

2002-2006, Full-time parent
- Talk a little about any activities (paid or unpaid) that you did in addition to parenting. If these activities are significant, include that "job title" next to Full-time parent (For example: Full-time parent and Red Cross volunteer).

1991-2002, Job Title, Such-and-Such insurance company, City, State
- Write three or more bullet statements that are relevant to your job objective.

Hopefully these suggestions will lead to some job interviews. Best of luck!

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