Thursday, November 06, 2008

Optimize Your LinkedIn Tag Line

Are you making the most of the tag line of your LinkedIn account? The tag line is the little summary statement that appears right under your name in your LinkedIn profile, and often appears after your name when it appears in LinkedIn forums like Questions and Answers. A good short caption can draw attention to you and distinguish you from other professionals. This is especially important if you're on a job hunt.

LinkedIn has become a huge online community and there are likely many other LinkedIn members in your profession. So listing simply your professional title (e.g., Tax Accountant) won't sell you as well as a tag line that defines your specialty (e.g., Tax Account with focus on federal tax audits) or one with a little attitude (e.g., Tax Account with focus on corporations with less-than-perfect relationships with the IRS).

Jason Alba's post, Are You Missing An Opportunity With Your LinkedIn Tag Line?, explains how a good tag line can help you connect with the right people for your job search. Jason is the author of the book, I'm on LinkedIn, Now What? and creator of

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