Friday, November 21, 2008

Job Search Websites

There are so many job search websites, it's often difficult to find what you need. Here are two sites that have compiled lists of what they believe are the best of the best job search sites:
The Top 100 Sites for Job Hunting on the Web
The Nurse's Ultimate Online Job Hunting Toolbox (good for more than just nurses)

Perhaps they can help you get in the know and on your way toward your next job! What sites do you especially like?

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Hayli said...

Thanks for that list of tools! As an Internet junkie, I had already tried many of the staple career and social networking sites already and even some of the niche and tools.

I liked a lot because I wasn't sure I could make six figures with a general comm degree, but I used their salary calculator and they helped me revamp my resume to open up more potential. I did the free trial as an experiment, but my former colleague got a 50% off deal with coupon code RSHM5008. FYI, pass it along, maybe it can help someone else. Not sure it it still works, but worth a try!