Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Laid Off... What Now?

If you've been laid off recently, this might be an opportunity to make a change in your career path. Instead of launching immediately into a job search for the same type of work you just left, take time to figure out whether or not this line of work is still what you want, and if it's a realistic way of making a living in today's economy. In other words, take a time-out for career management.

One approach to career management is to think of yourself as the CEO of your company -- your career. Look to your advisers (your friends and family members) for their opinions about what career choices might be good for you. Hire a consultant -- a career counselor. Gather information by searching online and conducting informational interviews with members of your professional and personal network.

Lay all your options on the table, including the possibility of staying in your current profession, industry, and location. Then you can make a decision and a "business plan" for how you'll go about getting that new job.

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