Monday, September 29, 2008

Privacy for Your Online Resume

I've taken my name off my resume and only used my first and middle initial with my last name, plus I opened a new email account that I'll use for online job hunting only. I also took off the cities where I worked and listed states only. Do you have any other advice for posting online resumes?

You've gone to great lengths to protect your identity. I have to assume you have reason for doing this. For most people I don't recommend leaving off your first name or the cities where you worked. I do, however, suggest using a personal email address for your job search, rather than using your current employer's email. And if you prefer to have one that's dedicated solely to your job search, that's fine. Just be sure to check it frequently once you submit it to employers and recruiters.

For more about how to use the web for your job search, especially if you're concerned about privacy issues, read Using Web Job Sites, which details how to identify a reputable resume site and what precautions to take when submitting your resume online.

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