Friday, July 18, 2008

Resume for My ZENN Electric Car

Zenn E. Car
0 Gasfree Way
Clear Air, ME 000000

Zero Emissions No Noise (ZENN) street-legal neighborhood car

What’s Hot
• A real head-turner, even without the rumble of a gas guzzling engine.
• Ranked sexiest and most affordable among all small cars, including Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.
• Zero to 25 in 3.9 seconds.
• Hatchback that can carry two passengers, two dogs, a case of brewsky, and seven bags of groceries with room to spare.

• All electric motor that delivers amazing pickup, even on substantial inclines.
• At three cents a mile, costs less to drive than a gas-powered lawnmower.
• Washes down with one gallon of water and three paper towels.
• Cheaper to maintain than a Saint Bernard (smells better, too). No oil or filter changes and, did I mention NO GAS?
• Fully loaded: power windows, door locks, security system, CD/radio/IPOD dock, heat, and AC (2/20 – that’s two windows down/20 mph).
• Brilliant blue exterior that can be seen 20 feet away in pea-soup fog.

• About the size of a big sofa (but more comfortable)
• Length: 120.8 inches
• Width: 58.8 inches
• Height: 55.9 inches
• Wheelbase: 70.7 inches
• Track: 50 inches

Technical Specs
• All weather, ABS body with welded aluminum space frame
• 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes
• Digital instrumentation
• Alloy wheels
• Rear window wiper / defogger

• Fast charging station
• Air conditioner (the real kind)
• Sun roof
• Colors: Electric Blue, Earth Friendly Green, or Recycled Silver

• Front wheel drive
• 3 Phase 300 Amp 7.6 hp AC Motor by Advanced Motors and Drives
• 10.33:1 single speed transaxle

Resume written by Susan Ireland,
with Charlie Vincent


Anonymous said...

If EEStor delivers, then ZENN has a viable electric car and the world
quickly moves to BEVs. We hope. But if not, I couldn't help but notice that the two most important questions about an electric car are mysteriously avoided in your fact sheet. One would be the cost of the batteries, their type and lifespan. I doubt that you have clue. Another would be the claimed driving range, both now and 4 years from now when the batteries have lost 20% of their power. What is the top speed and where can this car travel? - I happen to know that ZENN doesn't make a car that is highway legal. These are neighborhood cars - in our retirement community we call them golf carts - they go 25-30MPH, have 6 deepcycle batteries and cost between $1500 used to $3000 new. And they look a whole lot better than the ZENN cars. I wouldn't advise you to go anywhere near another vehicle that weighs over 3500 pounds - they can crush this little baby like a tin can.
Are you sure you want to continue shilling for these devices? Are you prepared to take responsibility when lives are lost becasue cheapskates were trying to avoid $4 gas prices?

Susan Ireland said...

In early 2008 I bought a 2007 and slipped under the wire with last year's pricing of $15,000. I think ZENNs start at $18,000 for 2008 models.

I drive it all over town as long as the roads permit me to travel at 25 mph, which most do. Highways are off limits, but I hardly use them anyway. Because it's powered by a battery, the number of miles it can go on a charge depends on how heavy the load is (with my husband and two dogs I can still go 20 miles without recharging). Recharging a battery from zero to full takes eight hours, so I plug it in overnight and I'm all set for the next day. If I turn the heat on (which is essentially a hairdryer), the battery will run down faster. I haven't had to use the heater yet and in this climate (California) I may never need to.

Because I work at home, and most of my errands are within 15 miles of home, it suits me perfectly. On the rare occasion when I need to go on the freeway or long distance, I use our 1987 Toyota or public transit.

Did I mention, it's really fun to drive? It's got just enough spunk and because it's so small, 25 mph feels like about 40 mph. And it looks like a toaster, especially when it's plugged in. :)