Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gas Prices and Your Commute

Have high gas prices changed the way you commute to and from work? We want to know! Take a second to participate in the survey in the upper left corner of this page. By the way, you can select more than one answer to the survey question.

And if you've come up with a way to get around paying more at the pump, let us know in a comment to this post. Every dollar counts in this tight economy!

Survey results:
The poll closed on July 30th with the following results:

Question: How have gas prices affected your commute?
Participants: 25

Telecommute more: 3 (12%)
Carpool: 2 (8%)
Public Transportation: 5 (20%)
Bought greener vehicle: 2 (8%)
Car sharing network: 1 (4%)
Walk or bike: 3 (12%)
No change: 12 (48%)

Thank you, Job Loungers!

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