Monday, June 09, 2008

Resumes for IT Professionals

What makes an IT professional's resume different from other professional resumes? A few things:

1. Achievement statements are more modest, relying on technical responsibilities that indicate the job seeker's level of competence. Avoid flashy bottom-line oriented achievement statements, which might be totally appropriate on a sales person's resume but simply don't fit with the IT culture.

2. Keywords are absolutely essential, especially the keyowrds that define you not only as an IT professional but as a specialist in your field. Some recruiters can use just one or two keywords to find the particular IT professional they're looking. What are the one or two keywords that set you apart from other IT pros? Make sure those terms are in your resume.

For useful tips on creating a resume for the experienced IT professional who wants to land a higher-level IT job, check out Eight Resume Tips for the Experienced IT Pro by Toni Bowers.

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