Friday, June 20, 2008

Networking for a Legal Job

I just graduated college, and I am moving home to work in the legal field. My parents are well connected in town and a number of their friends have suggested that I send them my resume so they can then put in a good word with people they know. One man is a partner with my father in an unrelated field, but he is very well connected. The other is a retired lawyer who started one of the law firms I am considering.

How do I initiate contact? I am unsure that a conventional cover letter will do because I am really not trying to get a job from these two men, only a recommendation.


You can phone or write both of these men to ask if there's a time when you could meet with them to discuss your career. Explain that you value their advice and would appreciate their input as to how you might get started in the legal field in your area.

This type of meeting is not a job interview, it's an informational interview -- one where you're simply gathering information about career possibilities and using your networking skills. Bring along a few copies of your resume in case the person wants something in writing to pass along to one of his contacts.

You're very lucky to have a few trusted advisors in your "court" as you begin your legal career. Someday in the future perhaps you'll be in a position to help another budding legal professional!

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