Thursday, June 05, 2008

Job Hopper's Resume

I recently quit a job after 3 months of employment because I felt it was unprofessional. I do not want to put this on my resume as it adds to the many short-term jobs already listed. None of the jobs pertinent to my job field (administrative assistant) lasted longer than 8 months. I have a few about 6 months long, one 8-month position, and the aforementioned 3-month stint. With the exception of the last job, it was not my fault that I was let go. I quit a part-time job, was laid off due to a slow market, fired after a car accident and again, quit the most recent job. I want my resume to stand out, Continue reading...

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Aloka said...

Hi Susan, this is really awesome. I'm trying to land one of the best jobs I've ever come across and my patchy job history has been a huge concern for me.

Thanks to your example here I think I can work things around on my behalf. Thanks a lot for your insights and keep doing the good work!