Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Get a Summer Job

It's almost summer and if you're a student you're probably thinking about getting a summer job. Before you start job hunting, think about what kind of job you want. Of course you want one that will put some change (or big bills) in your pocket. What else could you get out of your job? Maybe one of more of the following:

- A chance to work in a cool environment where you like your co-workers and customers. It'd be sweet to look forward to hanging out for hours at a stretch with people you like.
- The opportunity to develop skills in a new field or increase the skills you already have.
- Access to perks like cool company discounts or corporate sponsored scholarships.
- Maybe some insight into a possible career down the road.

Understanding what benefits (aside from greenbacks) you might get from a job, will help you know where to look for one and who among your friends and family to ask for job leads.

Here's to a great summer job!

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