Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Letter of Recommendation

I am looking for a new job and my latest manager is willing to act as my reference. However, she has too much to do to write my credentials, so she has asked me to do it for her. Do you have some sort of example of what I should include? Written credentials is a must for the work I am applying for. My manager is American, I am Swedish, and I work as an analyst.

In the U.S. we call this type of letter a "letter of recommendation." And it's not uncommon for a former employer to ask the former employee to write ta draft of the letter for them. Once the letter is written (and sent to them electronically), the employer can easily edit the document to make the wording more their own.

To start, get out your resume and the posting for the job you seek. Make a list of three of four aspects of your career that support your job objective. Those three or four aspects can be experience, skills, personality, or passions (your particular interests that drive you to do well on the job).

Then imagine that you are your former employer and write a letter to your prospective employer that incorporates your three or four supportive elements. It could go something like this:

Dear Manager,
I am proud to serve as a reference for Linda (Last Name) for employment in your organization. As her former supervisor at ABC Company from 200x to 200x, I saw first-hand her ability to do such-and-such. Her such-and-such skills are excellent and her such-and-such personality made her a pleasure to have on my team.

I highly recomment Linda for any position requiring such-and-such qualificaitons.


I hope this helps, Linda, and that you are successful in landing that new job!

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