Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Keeping Track of Your Job Search Details

Managing the details of a job hunt can be challenging, to say the least. Keeping track of when you sent what to whom is hard enough when you're applying to only one employer. How in the world can you keep track of a job search that involves 10, 20, or more employers?

Liz Hanlin came up with a solution she calls The Job Diary; and her associate, Jason Alba, generated a computer version called The Job Journal. So whether you're a low- or high-tech kind of job seeker, Liz and Jason have a job search manager for you. Check it out!

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Liz said...

Thank you so much for mentioning the job journal in your blog! Its a good idea for all job seekers to keep track of their accomplishments so that when the time comes to update a resume or start interviewing for a new job the diary can be used to help prepare.

Have a great day.

Liz Handlin

PS: love your blog