Monday, October 22, 2007

Pharmaceuticals to Home Health and Back

I recently left a very coveted job in the Pharmaceutical industry to sell Home Health. I was lured by a very attractive compensation and a very eager friend who wanted me to work with her. After just three months, I find myself missing Pharmaceuticals and realizing that the grass is definitly not greener. I have an upcoming phone interview and hopefully a few face-to-face interviews with a Pharmaceutical company and need help explaining why I left and now just 3 months later want to come back. I have pasted below what I have formulated and I would really appreciate your opinion and help! Thank you in advance.

Why did you leave? And why do you want to come back?

My proposed answer:
I have always been motivated by challenge and I embrace the concept that change often leads to improvement. With that being said, I wanted to experience selling in a different business arena and felt I was being offered an opportunity that was not available to me otherwise. It did not take long to realize that my heart is in Pharmaceuticals. The Home Health business model is not as strong as Pharmaceuticals and the Pharmaceuticals way of selling is where I excel. The opportunity to get back into Pharmaceuticals is one that I can now fully embrace and make a long and successful career out of.


Job Loungers, Kim needs your help. What do you advise her to say or do to make a smooth transition back into her former industry? Click "comments" and give her your two cents.

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Ask a Manager said...

I think the ending is good, but the first two sentences are vague. Can you be more specific about what you thought you might find by leaving? And extra points if you can say something to reassure the prospective employer that you won't be leaving again!