Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lack of Sleep Can Ruin a Good Interview

by Pat Schuler, Business Development Coach
MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Have you ever been so tired that you know you didn't do your best at a networking meeting, or on a phone screening? A recent issue of Organic Style magazine reported that people with sleep problems had slower reaction times than those who were legally drunk. There is no question that periods of transition or career crossroads can be some of the toughest on our sleep cycles. And just at the time when we want to appear and be at our sharpest. No lectures - we've all been there.

The suggestion we offer our clients: if you have an important meeting, conversation or negotiation prepare at least two days in advance. If you need to stay up late, do so at least two days beforehand. Give all the information time to integrate and percolate. Don't perfect your 30-second commercial or the answers to the toughest questions at 2:00am the day of the meeting.

Do what it takes to rest well the night before. It's smart to get ready for bed earlier than you usually would. Try to put yourself in your bed 9 hours before you have to get up -- even if you're not tired. Your mind may race at first, but soon enough, you should relax and go to sleep with time to spare. You'll appear more rested, confident and alert. Give yourself this crucial advantage over the competition.

This article is from the August 28, 2007 issue of The Career News, an e-newsletter. It is posted here in full with permission from The Career News.

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