Friday, August 10, 2007

What to Reveal About Multiple Job Offers

I have received an offer from a corporation (Company A) that I've decided to turn down for several reasons (too far from home, not enough pay to make me move, a step backward in career seniority).

Before declining this offer, I had informed another prospective employer (Company B) - after my second interview with them - that I had another offer on the table, in hopes of speeding up the decision-making process. The position with Company B is ideal, and I feel very good about the impending decision, of which I should learn next Monday.

I wondered if I should tell them that I've declined Company A's offer, and if so, how do I go about it? Should I wait until I hear back from them, or send them an email first? I want to be sure they aren't under the impression that I might have accepted the other offer.

by Richard Yadon, CPC, President/CEO

I would not communicate to Company B any details or circumstances of your opportunity with Company A. First, it is really none of their business. Secondly, they need to make the best offer to you independent of any offers from another organization. If the offer is acceptable and more preferential than Company A then accept Company B's offer. If you are working with a recruiter then they will handle these details for you and do the negotiating under your guidance.

Since you have already told Company B about the other offer there is no need to mention it again – unless they ask you. If you keep bringing it to their attention they might think you are trying to pressure them. Again, your recruiter will be communicating your availability to Company B. If you are not using a recruiter, it is acceptable and appropriate to call your contact at Company B and inquire as to the status of your candidacy. If they ask about the other offer, you need to tell them the truth. Let them know if it was not acceptable to you and that you are open to consider another offer they might extend. Leave it at that.

One other thought…when you are at this stage of an offer I would avoid communicating via email. You want to continue to build the personal connection between yourself and Company B. Always try to speak directly with your contact there if you can.

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