Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Telephone Response to Help Wanted Ad

I’m 19 years of age and I’m about to finish a course on Banking and Business Management (Diploma). I’m looking for a part-time job because I need experience.

I’ve done my experiential learning, which was work as a receptionist for six months at the college where I’m studying. That contract is ending soon.

Please help me. I saw an ad in the newspaper and the contact numbers are included on the ad. I need some advice on how to approach the contact person, because I’m confident I meet the employer’s requirements for a bank teller trainee.

by Bob McDonald, Director of Career Services

With help-wanted ads, time is generally not on your side. And depending on the ad, a job may not be in the offing, either. Statistically speaking (see Rollins College, Job Search Techniques), help-wanted ads represent the least-popular way for companies to fill their positions.

However, your wish to make phone contact with a prospective employer shows that you are definitely making an effort to stand out from the countless other job seekers who will simply send in a resume. Courtesy will be the most important part of your call.

Avoid calling your contact by their first name (unless they ask you to), and be as brief as possible. You are seeking out information in this call, including:

• If the job is still open
• What additional qualifications are taken into consideration
• What steps to take to apply to this position

Close your conversation with an action statement, such as determining the best time to follow up. Even if this position happens to be closed, it will at least serve as an opportunity to expand your professional network and potentially put you in a good spot for future openings.

Bob McDonald works with IT and health services vocational students at the Cleveland, Ohio campus of TechSkills.

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