Monday, July 23, 2007

Not Addicted to Full-time Work

I am getting ready to retire next year from addiction counseling in New York City. I would like to work flexible hours to supplement my income maybe outside of the field. What should I be doing now to prepare for next year and my new life?

by Steve Roesler, CEO, Steve Roesler Group

Let’s start with next year.

From a purely practical viewpoint, do take time now to complete the administrative parts of the retirement process: completing forms for pension, social security, and Medicare (if applicable). You’ll want to be sure that the checks begin arriving when your employment ends.

Your profession has given you a broad range of skills, not just in counseling but in administration. (Think intake and the related documentation processes).

1. Does the image of teaching captivate you? With your experience, you have the tools to educate others. There are colleges of all types in New York City, including Metropolitan College of New York, that offer certification programs for those wanting to become addiction counselors. Teaching in one of these schools might fulfill your desire for part-time work and give you some ongoing professional contact without the emotional demands of face-to-face counseling.

2. If the administrative part of your job was satisfying, most clinics look for staffers on a part-time basis. You probably have access to the list of clinics in New York City.

3. You mentioned the possibility of looking outside of your field. My experience has been that after many years in a profession, we sometimes lose track of all the possibilities that have cropped up out there while we’ve been working! Take a little time to go online and explore the opportunities and resources at and the Senior Living section of These may stimulate your thinking and help you work through important questions related to your desired part-time situation.

Best wishes for a wonderful second half of life!

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