Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Grad's Creative Career with Kids

My name is Amanda and I'm 22 years old. I graduated Hofstra University in December 2006 with my Bachelor's degree in two areas: Film Production and Creative Writing.

I love to write, be involved in the film process, taking pictures, and children. I studied writing in school and I've always done creative projects involving film and movies. And all the jobs I've had have involved working with children (YMCA swim instructor and camp counselor).

My issue is that I know my gift is with kids. They respond to me and I enjoy immensely working with them. However, I enjoy being creative, I feel I can contribute creatively in some way through film, through writing, but I want to be able to blend my two loves: working with children, and being involved in a project I feel will make a difference. I don't know where to look. I don't want to be a teacher necessarily, because I feel it’s too confining. I'd like it because of the children, but I don't know if I would like the teaching aspect. You can't just "try out" teaching, you know? And why go through all the education to find out, "Oh, I don't want to teach, actually."

Where do I look for jobs? What possible jobs would fit the mold of what I'm looking for? Should I go back to school and get a Masters in child education or something? Any advice would help.

by Richard Yadon, CPC, President/CEO, Health Career Professionals

You are on the right track in deciding your life's work – staying close to your passions. Given what you've written it doesn't sound like teaching is what you want to do first. Since my son is an actor I have some insight to the film process and I can suggest a few options for you to explore.

The first option would be to combine your love for writing and filmmaking into producing your own children's film. Apply your creativity and answer a problem either parents or children face each day. For instance, my son (age 13) is currently working in a series of videos that address teenage alcoholism and drug abuse. The project features all children and teenagers. While this topic might be too heavy, you could look for lighter subjects. Conceive the idea, budget it, then approach organizations that either support or help children to partner with you on the production.

Another option would be to work as a Production Assistant or intern on film, video, or TV projects involving children. I'm always impressed with the young PA's on the set where my son works. They help put some of the younger actors at ease and make the long periods of waiting around more enjoyable.

Finally, if you are looking for more of a full-time employee position, you might contact publishers, advertising agencies, production companies, schools for the arts, or even school systems that offer a filmmaking class option for children.

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