Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Too Old to Change Careers?

I am considering enrollment in a paralegal program close to my home. My past experience has been in the tech field and I am looking for a change. My question is: Am I too old to pursue a career as a paralegal where I could use my fluency in Spanish and some real estate experience? Do you think it is feasible or should I consider other alternatives?

I truly appreciate you candor on the subject and thank you in advance for your "needed" kind advice.

by Steve Roesler, CEO, Roesler Group

It seems as if you have both the energy and desire to continue (or change) your career. Both of those trump chronological age every time. So let’s look at the situation:

Why are you moving from the tech field to paralegal? And why paralegal?
It’s fine to do so. Just be sure that you have thought through the implications of a different kind of working atmosphere and whether it suits your personality and working style. Penelope Trunk’s blog, Brazen Careerist, will give you some interesting insights regarding career changes.

Employers in all industries value bi-lingual skills. Your background in real estate would give you an edge with a firm that specializes in Real Estate law, a field that has and is looking to increase its Spanish-speaking clientele.

How will you find the best match? I would suggest that you ask about job placement at the paralegal school you are considering. Many, if not most certification schools, help with the placement process. It would also be a good idea to explore a couple of other institutions to get a more complete sense of who might have a track record that would be most helpful in your ultimate job search. And, there are certificate programs available online at such places as Kaplan University and AIPS (American Institute for Paralegal Studies).

I wish you all the best with your decision!

Steve Roesler is President/CEO of Roesler Group, a consulting firm with a 30-year history of building individual and organizational growth and performance.

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