Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Total Recall… on the Job

I have studied memory techniques and have an incredible talent for recalling information. Where or what line of work could I put these skills to good use?

by Bridget Oakes, Senior Search Consultant

A sharp memory can be beneficial in a number of careers, and depending on the other skills you have, you could be successful in a number of areas. Soft skills like communication, interpersonal, and memory are useful in almost every career, but are the foundation of very few. It’s nearly impossible to build your career around this one “soft skill”.

A truly excellent memory could be a huge asset in a career in sales, where it is critical to remember names, product specifications and lots of details. (We recruiters are always thinking about “Who did I talk to 6 months ago that might be a fit for this job?”)

Many professionals depend heavily on recall skills to streamline their efforts. By remembering what was effective in the past, you can be far more effective in the future.

Educators, Doctors, Salesmen, Engineers, Politicians, Scientists, Investigators and Law Enforcement Officials, and even Criminals depend on their memory.

You’ll need to find a way to combine your skills with your interests to find a career that suits you and that you enjoy (that goes for everyone by the way)!

And heck, if all else fails, try out for Jeopardy and be the next Ken Jennings!

Bridget Oakes is a Senior Search Consultant with Partners in Technology. With nearly 10 years experience in executive search and recruiting, she is well equipped to provide advice and guidance to candidates searching for new careers, and welcomes the opportunity to do so through Job Lounge.

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