Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Turning Down Job Interviews

I am in the final stages of my job search and need some advice. I honestly never considered having an issue with getting too many requests for interviews, but I am getting a little overwhelmed. To top it off I landed an interview for my dream job and received an offer.

I decided to accept the offer. Now I need to figure out how to graciously and tactfully decline any new interviews and the ones that I already have scheduled. I am grateful for all the opportunities and do not want to burn bridges per se. Any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
-- Lea

by Bob McDonald, Director of Career Services

First of all, congratulations on landing your dream job! Now, of course, comes the interesting part. The answer is quite simple: Be just as gracious and courteous in declining an interview as you would have been had you gone through with the interview. Graciously thank them for their consideration to you and explain that you have already found a position.

In my experience, recruiters and employers generally understand that as a job-seeker, you are looking everywhere, and if you happen upon the right opportunity, more power to you. So don’t feel guilty about turning down a request for an interview. Furthermore, contacting your appointments ahead of time to explain your new situation could also go a long way, especially if those companies happen to work with your new one.

Bob McDonald works with IT and health services vocational students at the Cleveland, Ohio campus of TechSkills.

Susan Ireland’s Two Cents
I suggest you follow Bob’s advice to the letter… that is: write a short thank you letter to your would-have-been interviewer to follow up on your phone cancellation of the interview. It’s a great way to make a good impression on someone who might, just might, have a role in your future professional life.

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