Wednesday, February 21, 2007

General Resume for All Jobs? No Way!

I need to write a resume but I am not sure what field to target because I have various skills. I recently obtained US residency, so this opens more doors than I had available to me before. Basically, I need a good job. So do I start with a very general resume? Continue reading...


BigMan said...

Excellent advice. While customizing your resume to each job does require a certain amount of commitment, it's like anything else, the more you do it, the better you will become. Continuously customizing your resume to different jobs that you think will be a good fit for you will make you an expert, and soon you will be able to customize a resume it in much less time.

A general resume is never a good idea, because employers aren't really looking for "general" qualifications. By customizing your resume, you can show off what makes you different from all of the "general" people out there and get yourself noticed and interviewed. Good Luck!

Juan Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

Hello bloggers, here’s an excerpt from an article I published a while ago on locating jobs in the US:

Nowadays, one of the job seekers' biggest help is the immense Internet database. Many companies are hiring people over the Internet, some of them testing the candidates in advance and others by just looking at the resumes and performing online interviews. Also, there are plenty of online recruitment agencies, which are very helpful to both categories: employers and candidates.

Some of these agencies offer even consulting and professional reorientation courses. Competing on the work market is a beneficial experience for most of the job seekers as they are always in touch with the employers' requests and demanding and they also learn to evaluate themselves.

Consulting courses are very helpful for a job seeker as they gain precious information about how to create a strong resumes, cover letters, and how to present themselves at a job interview or how to negotiate your salary. If you think you are prepared for a certain position, but there are no vacancies at the time, you can simply go directly to the certain institution, leave your CV and maybe if you are lucky, you will have a spontaneous interview, which will automatically get you hired.

While looking for a job in the US you have to start by having a positive way of thinking. The US work market is very dynamic and changes occur every second. You have to be prepared to adapt to changes really fast and to keep following your aim. While looking for a job, try to take advantage of your spare time (if any) and prepare yourself for the job that waits for you. Read more about the company, which has selected you for a job interview next week. This way not only you gain more information, but you will also be able to decide if this is the job you are looking for, if it really suits you.

Anyhow, it is best not to cancel a job interview even if you have the feeling that it won't suit you. Just give it a try, this can be a good experience and you never know, maybe it is the job you were looking for.


Michael S.

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Anonymous said...
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