Monday, January 29, 2007

Overcoming Stigmatism of Current Job

My husband has been looking for a job in 3d design for over a year. He is very talented (and not just because he is my husband). He graduated in 2004. He knows that his window of opportunity is closing because of the constant updates in computer programs. He is employed now in a maintenance job. A recent meeting with a company told him that they easily bypass him because of the year he graduated and his current job.

My question is, how does he overcome the stigmatism of his current job and his graduation date? Is there anything he can do to eliminate this problem? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated! -- Christy

by Bob McDonald, Director of Career Services

Your husband isn’t alone. I have also been where’s he’s been. Among the items on my resume are moving furniture and selling meat grinders. (Yes, you read right. Meat grinders.)

But all is not lost. First, your husband should remember to keep his 3-D design and computer skills at the top of his resume. I generally recommend in a career transition such as this to go with a Functional Resume format. Also, be sure to focus on Transferable Skills to emphasize as well.

For the interview, have your husband try to give examples from all aspects of his career, including school. This will be especially helpful if the interviewer throws in Behavioral Interview Questions.

Finally, it never hurts to check out the local library or the Web for industry-related periodicals that have articles pertaining to the latest software. That way, though he may not have his hands on the latest software, he’ll be able to effectively evaluate his current software skills.

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