Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Changing Jobs, Changing Location

I have a few issues that I hope you can assist me with. I currently live in PA. I have been in the administrative/clerical field for approximately 22 years. My positions have varied from Receptionist to Executive Assistant. Unfortunately, in southwestern PA the job market is very limited and in turn I have held these positions with many different companies.

Now I am getting ready to relocate to Jacksonville, FL in June ‘07 and I need to prepare a new resume. I am concerned about how I should indicate my qualifications and experiences without looking like an unstable employee or "job-hopper."

In PA, I wanted to move around and get the most experience possible from each position because I have known for over four years that I would eventually relocate. Several of the positions were for temp agencies just to gain the knowledge and skills of new tasks that would help me qualify for a higher paying position in a bigger city such as Jacksonville, FL. If you can give me any advice on how I should place this information on my new resume, I would greatly appreciate it. And, if you have any other advice or can refer me in a different direction on how to go about obtaining a job and relocating all at the same time.

Do you advise that I get settled in the new city first then contact the temp agencies or companies with open positions? My current plan is to visit the temp agencies that I am interested in dealing with when I go there for a visit for a week in March, in the event that there is testing or other steps before they can find me a position.

Financially I have planned for this move for awhile so I would have the means to get settled at least two to three weeks before I would need a job to survive. This is my first relocation so I have no clue how to proceed. I hope you can help!!!

Thank you in advance...Terri

by David Sandusky, Founder/President of Your Brand. LLC

Enjoy Jacksonville and congratulations on your forward thinking and preparation related to your job search.

The best way to counter the job-hopping reality is to cluster the temp positions in chronological order under a heading that describes these are through agency(ies) and temporary work. The word temp implies you may not be there long and hence helps your cause.

Do you have a relationship with national agencies that might have an office in FL? If yes, start there by telling your local office about the move and suggest an internal referral. If you do great work, they will be happy to provide a reference to their counterparts in FL. If the answer is no, then search online for every temp agency near where you are moving and hit them all as soon as you have completed your resume.

Good idea setting up meetings during your trip in March! In addition to agencies, locate employers you would be interested in and send them your resume with letter about your move and desire for permanent contribution. Start hitting agencies, job boards and companies of interest and create activity now improving your chances of landing quickly!

Good luck!

Susan Ireland’s Two Cents
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the english was tough for me but i enjoyed reading your post
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I agree. Getting on board with a temp or temp to perm agency is one of the first things you should do when you relocate to a new area. Temping can lead to permanent positions in your new area.

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