Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I Quit!

I wanted some advice on how to quit a job gracefully due to a rough commute and work that does not involve anything I'm interested in. Any advice for me? -- JJRC

JJRC, because it’s so close to the end of the year, please try to hang in there until at least January 1st. That way you can write 2007 as the ending date when you list that job in the Work History of your resume.

And if you can stand it, stay on that job while you look for something you will like. Once you have a firm job offer in hand, explain to your current employer that you have been offered a job that you simply can’t turn down because… (something like: The new job is more in line with your true career goal of…whatever profession you want to follow).

When the time comes to give notice to your employer, here are my guidelines:
- Give your notice in writing so you have plenty of time to edit your thoughts and be sure you don’t say something negative by mistake.
- Don’t lie.
- Don’t say any more than you absolutely have to in order to get your point across.
- Don’t burn your bridge with this employer. In fact, thank him for the opportunity of having worked under his supervision. You may need him for a reference in the future.

For more thoughts on leaving a job, check out How to Quit Your Job and Never Look Back by Bill Perry.

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