Friday, November 03, 2006

Thanks for the Rejection

Ouch! You didn’t get the job!

Yeah, getting rejected for a job you really want is tough. And even though you knew all along that your job hunt was bound to have setbacks, it’s hard to face a rejection when you put so much into your application and your interview(s) with the employer. Continue reading...

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Mr Black said...

Now that I'm a manager -- and hiring people -- it shocks me how unprofessionally people apply for work. Admittedly, I hire for entry level retail positions, 100% which are applications instead of resumes and cover letters. But also have promoted many people to supervisor and other lower-evel management positions.

But after almost 200 hires in the past two years I have yet to receive a thank you note for an interview, hire, or promotion (let alone rejection). Not a single one.

I keep a big bag full or thank you cards in my desk. I use them when our staff has helped me out, or even a peer has gone out of their way to help. Certainly I used them when my boss (or his boss) has helped! And you bet I used one when I interviewed to be a manager in the first place.

One time when a new manager held a particullarly inspiring meeting I gave him a thank you note for his leadership. For the rest of my tenure at that store I saw that card proudly displayed above his desk.

Sure, do it to get noticed (please don't keep calling me and asking about your application), do it to be remembered.

But mostly do it because it's the right thing to do. And that's the kind of person you are, right? The kind that does the right thing?

That's the kind of person I want to work with.

P.S. eMail doesn't count. Get a card and a stamp and mail it. You do want to stand out from the crowd, yes?