Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back Up Your Resume

Heather B. learned the hard way! “…I lost all of the documents in my “My Documents” folder. Like poof, gone. One day I was here typing away on something positively brilliant, and the next, no more. In that folder were numerous blog entries/fodder and my resume…” Ouch! Luckily Heather got her resume put back together and stored in a save place so she has it on hand “just in case.”

It takes about three hours to create a good resume, and if you have multiple versions of your resume (for various job applications), then you have even more time invested in your precious documents.

Crap happens, including mysterious hard-drive wipeouts. Don’t chance losing your resume if a computer disaster strikes. Back up your resume on a CD, load it onto a second hard drive, upload it as an attachment to your email software, or use one of the online document storage services like Box. (I’m not endorsing Box because I’ve never used it, but I see that it offers free storage of up to 1GB. That ought to be enough for a few resumes, don’t you think?)

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Mr Black said...

Let's not forget to keep a paper copy...