Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show Some Personality!

You realize your personality’s a marketable asset, don’t you? When you hear, “We’re looking for the right person for the job,” it means an employer’s looking for someone with the right personality, not just the experience listed in the job posting. Continue reading...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Guy Kawasaki's cover letter - and resume! - blog entry. I love the idea of looking at each sentence in your cover letter and having a reason for it. Too often people get on a cut and paste roll when they are job hunting.

Sure, cut & paste is easy for the writer. But it is boring and soul-killing for the reader.

Now for the real trick Susan - how do you make sure your resume is read by a person (whose soul is vulnerable to your dead or living sentences) rather than screened into oblivion by a machine (which loves cut and paste)?


Susan Ireland said...

The best way is to send your resume and letter directly to the hiring manager via US Post or email.

Posting it into a resume database leaves you with only one set of weapons: your keywords. If your resume and letter have the right keywords for the job, you stand a chance of being pulled from the database containing God only knows how many resumes.

Only then will your letter with PERSONALITY be read. But even with those slim chances, it's worth it to create a good cover note that shows you're a real person behind the resume you've dropped into the resume pool. Don't you think?