Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One-Page vs. Two-Page Resume

Get this: In today’s job market, your resume has only about eight seconds to grab someone’s attention. That’s right! In eight seconds an employer will scan your resume and decide whether or not he’ll invest time in the small print.

One way to pass the eight-second test is to make your resume look quick to read. That’s why I recommend having a one-page resume if possible. A one-pager says “Hey, I’m organized and I’m not a motor-mouth.”

But if you have a really beefy career history, one page may not be enough. In that case, go for it—but don’t exceed two pages, unless you’re applying for an academic or scientific position where you’re expected to have a seven- or eight-page resume called a curriculum vita.

For more on this concept, read The Scoop on Resume Length by Katharine Hansen.

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